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Danita & Justin

Danita & Justin

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Catherine& Dorian

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April & Robert

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What do you think of interracial relationships?

I love my interracial relationship! Not because of appearance, but because there is never a day that isn’t interesting. I have learned so much, and have been able to fall in love with the other side of the world in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to without the interracial relationship I am in.

We did not grow up in the same country, and that makes the mix of cultures so much more fun and exciting. The differences can sometimes be challenging, but it helps us make our own language of love. If I was dating someone from the same background I grew up in, and only lived American culture, then my life would be just going through the motions. I think it is because of our different cultural backgrounds that makes our relationship feel so passionate.

Interracial Relationship so amazing that a lot of people are inclined towards it. Dating a person from a race different to yours,gives you the opportunity to learn something new every single day of your post– marriage life. You get to know about your partner’s lifestyle, traditions,cultures, food and everything else.

The Americans have opened up to interracial dating primarily because it gives them the opportunity to have more options thereby giving them the liberty to find a match based on personality traits rather than race or ethnic background.

Indeed,interracial relationships are good and by getting into one you're making the world abetter place.

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