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What does interracial dating mean?

"The act of dating a person who is not of your race".

This means that within this broad definition there are endless combinations of mixed-race couples that fit the bill. A black man dating a white woman, a white woman dating a black man, a Latino man dating an Asian woman, an Asian man dating a white woman and so on. Basically, any dating partnership that does not involve two people from the same race is considered an interracial dating relationship.

What are the benefits of interracial dating?

There are several significant benefits to interracial dating. First and foremost, interracial dating allows you to follow your heart and date the type of person who you believe is right for you. This benefit trumps all others, but there are other benefits that need to be mentioned. These are:

  • It's nice to be unique: You can set yourself apart from the crowd by dating someone different and the attention this will bring is attractive to many.

  • You can learn more about a different culture: Dating someone who has had a vastly different upbringing to you can educate you on how other cultures live and what sets them apart from you and your race.

  • You can learn more about your own culture: Like the last point, your partner will want to learn about your culture and this will give you the opportunity to also delve deep into your background giving you the chance to learn more about yourself and your family.

  • Better looking children: We"ll be honest, children of a mixed race just look a lot cuter than those of same-sex couples! While this is no reason to date someone, it is a welcome benefit that comes with being involved in an interracial relationship.

Is interracial marriage common in the UK?

Yes in the UK, but we just call it marriage. I know ‘interracial dating/marriage’ term is a big thing outside Europe, especially USA where everyone is so fixated on race.

In the UK, racial integration is quite high, especially in dating. Britons are generally very open minded in dating, everyone dates anyone, regardless of colour. There are people who oppose to the idea but it’s a microscopic tiny fraction of people. I’ve lived in different countries and I can tell you among all the countries I've lived in, UK by far has the most positive attitude towards interracial dating/marriage.

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